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09 - I'm not your uncle now
09 -  I'm not your uncle now

When we are teenagers sometimes we do the stupidest things just because we felt like it or just because we are just too tired of everything to think twice. We just want to have some fun. That goes for everyone, especially Daniel and Raymond that because of the problems they caused were told they had to clean the local theater as pay back for society for a whole month. This is surely two 17 boys don't want to do when they could be wasting their lives again but a theater is house of many secrets and maybe this two boys that had nothing to do with each other may end up becoming the best of friends. --- Updated when I feel like it but I will try to keep it regular. Promise.


October 6th, 2011, 2:11 pm


Does anyone even read news?

Well I don't but I am posting in hopes anyone does! Anyways skipping ahead to the actually News, I AM REDOING HELLO WORLD. Oh yes, you guys must be dead tired of people doing this but it's the better way out. I have the prelude all planned just need to redo it and it will be ready to be posted so maybe wait for it until the weekend? Yes?
Also I have updated the front page and will be updating the banner, also the old pages have been moved to a chapter called "Old pages" so they won't mess with the new ones! 8D
Well thank you for you attention!

I just didn't want to leave all this people following with nothing comming from me ^^" Also practice is good!


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